The Descaler System

It is a 100% autonomous and provides:

  • Permanent protection against limescale and the elimination of existing residue
  • An anti-corrosive protection as a result of the installations


The scale problem

In many locations worldwide, the water supplied has a very high mineral content (hard water), which causes limescale residue.

Households, buildings and industries are facing problems such as:

  • Deterioration of installations and piping can lead to system failure
  • High energy consumption
  • Clogging and corrosion of the water network
  • Increased maintenance costs

The solution: The descaler

Today, there are many existing solutions in the market for limescale residue (water softening, CO2, galvanic electrolysis or magnetic systems).

Therefore, it requires maintenance, salt solution or an entire complex installation.

To avoid those constraints, the descaler was designed to operate with a perfect efficiency:

  • No electricity consumption
  • No servicing and/or maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • No consumables
  • Unlimited durability of operation

Functioning process

The main function of the Descaler, is the unique process to change the actual form of the incrusted limescale (Calcite) to an inert powdery structure (Aragonite); without adding in chemicals to the water already present within the hydraulic network.

The aragonite, combined with the water flow, dissolves any limescale residue inside the pipes, boilers and/or heat exchangers. The descaler has a powerful effect against the limescale build up.

Once the descaling is done, a homogeneous thin layer called Patina will naturally protect the network against limescale.

The Descaler has an impact on the oxidation. Its capacity to create low frequencies will provide the necessary energy to face the corrosion.

The Descaler must be installed on the general cold water inlet. In fact, the cold water being treated, enters the hot water tank and must be treated again on the return after a pump by a second system, to maintain the water quality and to protect the equipment.


The system provides:

  • A sustainable protection of the pipelines against limescale build up and corrosion
  • Equipment durability
  • Decrease of water leakage and drilling
  • Thermal exchange and general efficiency improved
  • Elimination of the existing limescale residue


100% of our product results will be guaranteed upon a complete follow up protocol.

Product Range

These devices require simple installation and implementation which, in time, overcomes the usual constraints of the water softener system (for example, electrical connections, water evacuations, storage of salt)

Hot water treatment operates up to 75 ° C.


Range Ref Fitting Length. (mm) Dia. (mm) Flow (m³/h)
ATR-20 DN20 ¾’’ 100 59 3
ATR-25 DN25 1’’ 129 59 4,2
ATR-40 DN40 1’’½ 140 79 10,8
ATR-65 DN65 2’’½ 174 123 27