Water treatment

Based in Switzerland, improving energy efficiency in building and preserving water resources have become essential priorities for households, buildings and industries.

The company AquaSwiss System is specialized in the research and commercialization of innovative techniques or products with the following objectives:

  • Decrease in water consumption
  • Energy savings
  • Lower maintenance costs on heating and sanitation installations
  • Chemical free systems
  • Environmental awareness using high performance and ecological products

Concrete answers to common issues

The sludge residue within heating network (or chilled water networks) is the source of high additional costs in terms of energy consumption (i.e., fuel, oil, gas).  When it comes to piping systems, many factors work in tandem or alone that can lead to pipe corrosion. Depending on the degree of these factors, piping systems can show signs of corrosion in merely a few years after being set-up.

Pipe corrosion may not only impact the well-being of individuals but it can also damage the aesthetic quality of the water. This in turn leads to high maintenance costs (corrosion, boiler failures, deterioration of thermostatic valves, pumps…)

Limescale is also a major problem in many locations worldwide causing premature failure in piping systems. Solutions do already exist but are expensive and require maintenance. This is restrictive and not cost effective.

AquaSwiss System markets several innovative and high performance products, in order to improve energy efficiency with the aim of preserving the highest quality of water.